"An awesome physician with a passion for serving others." Dr. Richard White, Internal Medicine & Pediatrics, Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville

"From the standpoint of a patient and fellow physician, I highly recommend Dr. Ellan Duke." Dr. Paul Satish, Director of ICU, Columbia Memorial Hospital

"She is an inspirational leader and her positive attitude is simply infectious." Bryan Campbell, CEO, Duval County Medical Society

"With great respect and admiration for a woman of extraordinary skill and knowledge, I highly recommend Dr Ellan Duke." Jeannette Bajalia, founder of Woman's Worth

"With Dr. Duke’s continued help, I plan to live to pass 100 with flying colors." Larry Rogers, patient

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Welcome Friend. As a practitioner and teacher of functional medicine for the last 30 years, my mission is to educate, encourage, and empower you in the direction of whole health, including mind, body, and spirit. As your personal health coach, my goal is to guide you to live better longer using the most scientific, natural, and effective tools available. Read more about me here.

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