AO Scan

Graphic: AO scan with frequency

Get Scanned

AO Scan is a computerized reading of the frequencies in your body, much like a radio scanning for stations. It sends one stimulus at a time from a database of known bio-frequencies, and records your body's responses to each stimulus. Similar machines communicate with your body through hand-held metal probes (Ex. BICOM, Asyra). AO Scan communicates through a headset positioned at your jaw bone. The headseat delivers your frequency responses into a computer program.

Graphic: AO scan in action

Get Analyzed

The AO Scan program contains a database of specific frequencies which are attributed to specific body functions. When your scanned frequency responses are compared to that database, you can see if any are out of range, and which body function that might impair. The results often agree with other diagnostic sources, such as the Symptom Survey, blood tests, and health history. It provides confirmation from various angles. This helps Dr. Duke prioritize your health needs.

The first stage of the scan produces a 24-page report of vital statistics readings similar to a blood lab.

Graphic: AO scan vitals report

Get Specific

The second stage of an AO Scan takes several minutes to delve into all the biological systems of the body. It produces a 122-page graphical report with indicators of how closely your frequencies match the averages in its database (on a scale of 1 to 9, with 5 representing average). When a reading consistently falls far from average, it's a strong clue that your brain is sending or receiving abnormal signals there.

For example, here is an AO Scan which detected an abnormal frequency associated with this patient's right hip. The patient confirmed the reading by reporting an injury to that hip six years prior. Click the image to see more correlations from the same scan.

Click here to see a sample AO Scan report.

Learn More

If you are new to the field of bio-energy and frequency medicine, you are not alone. It is a frontier in health technology, and many are excited about its potential. Learn more about Dr. Duke's offerings and worldwide research on these two pages.