Blue Light Blocking Fitover Computer Glasses

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Dark Orange Lens

  • NO MORE TIRED EYES. Reduce eye strain, eye fatigue and sensitivity to light during long computer sessions. Allow your eyes to blink and function naturally. Great for office workers or anyone who has to look at a screen all day.
  • PROTECT YOUR EYES. High Energy Blue Light emitted by electronic devices (such as computers, TV, smartphones) have shown to increase the risk of vision conditions from sore dry eyes to macular degeneration. Maintain healthy eyes by reducing exposure to high energy blue light.
  • TINTED LENSES. Blocking almost all of the blue light, anti reflective, anti blue and purple glare,100% UV protection. Please kindly understand that serious color distortion due to 90% blue color was filtered out.
  • Great for anyone using an electronic device such as computers, T.V.'s or phones. Sleep better after playing video game, using computer or viewing movie with wearing them.
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