Computerized Posture Program

Graphic: Computerized Posture Analysis

Science has clearly documented the correlation of poor posture to poor health. Computerized photographic study of various postures evaluates for symmetry. Results report its impact on your body function with specific weightbearing imbalances. Receive home therapy corrective exercises as well as natural solutions for inflammation and pain relief.

Graphic: Computerized Posture front

Front View Deviations

  • Head is shifted 0.48" right. Head is tilted 9.1° left.
  • Shoulders are shifted 0.44" right.
  • Shoulders are tilted 1.2° right.
  • Ribcage is shifted 0.16" right.
  • Hips are shifted 0.79" left. Hips are tilted 2.8° left.

Graphic: Computerized Posture right

Right View Deviations

  • Your head weighs approximately 9.8 lb. It is shifted 0.52" backward, 4.0° off vertical.
  • Based on physics, your head now effectively weighs 22.0 lb instead of 9.8 lb.
  • Shoulders are shifted 1.81" backward, 4.3° off vertical.
  • Hips are shifted 1.85" forward, 8.8° off vertical.
  • Knees are shifted 2.83" forward, 11.3° off vertical.

Graphic: Effective Head Weight

Graphic: Computerized Posture left

Left View Deviations

Graphic: Computerized Posture back

Back View Deviations

  • Head is shifted 0.86" right. Head is tilted 1.0° right.
  • Shoulders are shifted 0.65" right. Shoulders are tilted 3.6° right.
  • Ribcage is not shifted significantly left or right.
  • Hips are shifted 0.70" right. Hips are tilted 2.9° right.
  • T1-T4 is shifted 0.37" right. T1-T4 is tilted 3.9° right.
  • T4-T8 is shifted 5.53" left. T4-T8 is tilted 56.0° left.
  • T8-T12 is shifted 5.96" right. T8-T12 is tilted 47.5° right.
  • T12-L3 is not shifted significantly left or right.
  • T12-L3 is tilted 1.2° right.
  • L3-Mid PSIS is shifted 0.14" left.
  • L3-Mid PSIS is tilted 6.6° left.

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