Energy Stick Packs

Energy is a categorically different energy drink that provides instant, yet sustainable energy that lasts for hours without causing the jitters and the inevitable crash experienced with other energy drinks. The sugar free yet flavorful Energy powder is packaged in a convenient, take-anywhere pouch allowing you to get that boost you need wherever you are. It promotes mental alertness, improved memory and a positive mood with a proper balance of caffeine and inositol that is not found in other overly caffeinated energy drinks on the market. It helps the body convert food into energy and contains alkalinizing ingredients and antioxidants to support immune health.

The all-encompassing formula consists of six areas of energy and health boosting ingredients all working together to balance and enhance the benefits of each other. These six categories of ingredients include: an adrenal health blend, an alkalinizing blend, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and nutrient rich vitality blend. These contain adaptogens that help normalize body functions during stressful situations. The amino acids help the brain produce adequate amounts of neurotransmitters which are necessary to regulate emotions, increase energy and mental clarity.

Energy is part of our highly recommended 30 day Core4 Detox / Reset, however it can also be ordered individually.
$66.95 Order 30ct variety pack from PURE

Café Stick Packs
Wake up and slim down with every delicious, mocha-flavored cup of HealthTrim® PURE Café. PURE Café is a slimming coffee that suppresses appetite so you can limit the amount of calories you are eating throughout the day. This balanced blend works double time to help speed up your body’s ability to burn fat.
$37.95 Order 14ct stick packs from PURE