Frequency Medicine

Introduction to Frequency

Graphic: Biofield

Frequency medicine is a hot topic in both holistic and mainstream health care. It is a branch of Energy Medicine, which stretches back to ancient times. In scientific terms, energy is a force which travels in waves. Of course these waves pour out of the sun in the form of ultraviolet, but they also stream nonstop out of every single atom, and therefore every single piece of matter, including humans. The father of modern Western medicine, Hippocrates, referred to human energy as "the force which flows from people's hands." Modern scientists have many names for it, such as the "biofield."

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Electromagnetic Radiation

Graphic: EMF spectrum

Not all energy is the same. Like ocean waves, energy's waves can be packed tightly or spread far apart. UV waves roar at us at 10,000,000,000,000,000 (ten quadrillion) per second, while radio waves drag along like a manatee at 10,000 waves per second. We measure this by counting their peaks. This measure is called frequency.

We are accustomed to the medical world trying to protect us from high-frequency energy such as UV and X-ray waves. Nevertheless, that dangerous energy is still widely used to destroy germs and cancer cells. We are also accustomed to enjoying the harmless manatee drag of radio waves, which bring us music and remote controls.

Human Body Frequencies

Human Nerve Conduction

Fast UV waves and slow radio waves are forms of energy coming TO the human body. But researchers say that the energy coming FROM the human body occurs in an organized way, similar to a radio. For over century, scientists have been recording human frequencies at specific body parts and with specific body functions. There are even visiting frequencies emanating from parasites, pathogens, and toxins that don't belong in the body.

Many of the frequencies detected in a human body are actually signals traveling to and from the brain along our nerve cells. They are triggering the normal functions that keep us alive, each at its scheduled time, or as needed.

Functional Medicine vs. Traditional Medicine

Graphic: Surgery

All too often, our bodies fail to perform a normally scheduled or as-needed function. Mainstream, traditional medicine usually tries to replace failing functions with artificial substitutes. These bring a slew of side effects because the human body is far more complex than any substitute mankind can manufacture.

Functional Medicine has far more faith in the human body. Your body is intelligent and has the capacity for self-regulation. This regulation expresses itself through a dynamic balance of all your body systems. When we support those systems, our body has the ability to heal and prevent most disease.

And so it is with frequency medicine. Mainstream medicine uses high-frequency radiation to overpower the enemy. Functional medicine uses low-frequency radiation to empower the body.

Functional Frequency Medicine

EMF Sources

As you can see, electromagnetic frequency can be harmful, or it can be helpful. Remember that diagram you had to study in high school? At what frequency do energy waves become harmful? Isn't it time to confront this invisible impact on your health? How would you even know?

Do you have a smoke detector in your home? Carbon monoxide detector? EMF detector? If not, that's a fine place to start. If you find are exposed to harmful frequencies, you can repel them with a deflector.

Once you've addressed your exposure to harmful frequencies, you can get to know the helpful ones. Frequency medicine enthusiasts believe that scanning your body frequencies can help pinpoint health issues, and contrasting frequencies can recalibrate wayward energy waves. Even the good old massage has found its way to the cellular level with Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF).

Frequency Medicine at Dr. Duke Health

Graphic: AO scan with frequency
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Frequency Medicine Research Around the World