Functional Nasal Release

Functional Nasal Release

Do you suffer from

Balance Problems
Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
Sleep Apnea

The Problem

Human Skull

Bones in the skull fit snuggly together like the pieces of a puzzle. They remain unfused to allow mobility and breathability and to accommodate swelling in the head associated with inflammation. Direct blows or impact to the head from sports, injuries, falls or even the birthing process can misalign these sutures or cause them to become jammed in place. This can disrupt the flow of cerebral spinal fluid through the sinuses as well as diminish the amount of oxygen coming in through the nasal passage. The result is commonly associated with symptoms listed above. Finally there is an effective and natural solution.

The Solution

Sinus passages

Functional Nasal Release is a simple physical therapy procedure. It is performed using a small balloon or finger cot attached to a specialized blood pressure bulb. The finger cot is gently placed in the nasal passage and slightly inflated. It makes its way into the nasopharynx causing it to widen a bit. Then it is instantly released and removed. This treatment is neither painful nor dangerous, but the results can be significant. Other names for this procedure are Nasal Cranial Release, Cranial Facial Release, and Nasal Specific Technique. It is not to be confused with the surgical Balloon Sinuplasty performed by an ENT.

What's it like?

In this video, Dr. Duke explains and demonstrates Functional Nasal Release.

Functional Nasal Release treatments are available at both office locations. They require approximately 30 minutes.

Functional Nasal Release - $50

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