Hormone Balance & pH


GoYin is a gluten free formula that is unmatched in it’s ability to induce systemic whole-body balance, which translates into optimal physical and mental function. Hence it’s listing in the Physicians’ Desk Reference PDR. For the first time in history there is a blend that offers more than great nutrition and antioxidant protection. Goyin is based on Traditional Asian Medicine (TAM). It uses a proven formula to bring balance to your body and life. For over 5,000 years TAM practitioners have tested, refined, and proven the art of balancing the body as a way of preventing disease and enhancing overall well-being. Goyin unifies the analytical benefits of Western science with Eastern knowledge of proper ratios and blending to create a perfect balancing blend.

GoYin contains a proprietary blend of 20 warm and cool superfruits and herbs, including: Astragalus, Jujube date, Gac, Hawthorn, Schisandra, tangerine, and Ginger Each of these have numerous health benefits on their own. Together these strategic ingredients improve sleep, energy and mood.

Goyin is part of our highly recommended 30 day Core4 Detox / Reset, however it can also be ordered individually.
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