Inner Voice

Graphic: Inner Voice

The American Medical Association, and the Center for Disease Control, estimate that 90% of all illness is stress related. Accordingly, research now shows that Voice Analysis gives insight to physical and emotional health. The Mayo Clinic has identified “Vocal Biomarkers” or distinct voice features, pointing to a number of health conditions. As you produce speech, it results in a series of frequency patterns. Since your voice represents all the frequencies in your body, these patterns are a window into your emotions and condition of your physical and emotional body.

Graphic: Frequency Notes

Inner Voice Technology uses voice analysis, to determine which areas of the body are most impacted by stress. It then produces a ten minute sequence of specific musical tones to help balance those frequencies and make new connections related to emotional processing.

These Healing Harmonics can be used as home therapy in your daily meditation practice. This therapy will improve the function of the autonomic nervous system, as the sympathetic division responds to “Fight or Flight” and the parasympathetic division responds to “Rest and Digest.”

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