Shop Healthy

We Americans spend inordinate amounts of money and time seeking relief or escape from health problems.

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  • Visiting one specialist after another.
  • Buying pills and creams and sprays to quiet our body's reaction to our own environment.
  • Taking prescription drugs to relieve the side effects of other prescription drugs.
  • Paying for gym memberships that we don't have time or energy to make use of.
  • Buying more clothes to accommodate fluctuating weight gain.
  • Relying on stimulants to get us through a workday, then again the next morning after a poor night's sleep.
  • Drinking alcohol to escape feelings of confusion and discontent.
  • Taking sick days from work.

Can we flip the switch? What if you simply had less health problems? Do the math. Invest in healthy choices, and you will save thousands in the long run.

Here are some of Dr. Duke's top choices to build a hedge against sickness and disease.