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Supplement Recommendations via Symptom Survey

Are you ready to get real with your vitamins? We all know that most over-the-counter supplements are tainted with chemicals. But did you know that they have other downsides? For example, isolated vitamin C will usually boost your immune system; however, your body is not programmed to encounter vitamin C all by itself. In nature, vitamin C comes packaged with other nutrients, which your body will seek out in order to fulfill the immune surge triggered by the vitamin C. These other nutrients will be leached from elsewhere in your body, soon leaving you deficient in other functions. Quality whole-food supplements retain most of the nutrient-package found in nature, allowing your body to receive benefit without loss.

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Do you use herbal remedies? Did you know that herbs grown in different regions have different nutrient properties? The outside doesn't always reflect the inside. Likewise, commercial fertilizer will keep farm produce coming to our stores, but it won't replace the nutrient density that was lost in depleted soil.

Did your adrenal glands go on strike from too much caffeine? Is your liver backlogged with all those toxins in your blood? How would you know? What can you do?

Dr. Duke's Pre-med degree was in Nutrition. Since then, she has stayed on the forefront of advances in nutritional health. She knows which supplements and herbs have a long history of improving specific body functions. And she knows which companies use the best farming and manufacturing processes available. Her favorite company has long been Standard Process, but they only offer their products under the guidance of a physician. Dr. Duke is here to guide you.

To determine your nutrient needs, Dr. Duke uses a comprehensive symptom questionnaire to survey your biological systems. When compared, analyzed, and categorized, your symptoms will point to body systems that are failing. Dr. Duke will produce a report for you to see the correlation between your symptoms and body systems, and she will recommend specific supplements tailored to your needs.

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Sample System and Supplement Report

All of our patients receive this symptom survey, product recommendations, and a physician code to order directly from Standard Process. If you are not ready to become a full-fledged patient, you can still get customized supplement guidance by allowing Dr. Duke to review your health status via two online forms: our New Patient Registration form and our symptom questionnaire. As a virtual patient, you will receive a body function analysis, personalized schedule of supplements, and a code to have Standard Process orders shipped directly to you.

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