Year of Health

Graphic: Year of Health

Where will you be this time next year? Who will you be?

Don't just dabble in your health. Commit to it.

With Dr. Duke's one-year program, you will learn how your body works -- YOUR PARTICULAR BODY -- and how to keep it optimized. You will be a new person this time next year.


Below is a suggested schedule of monthly visits. They are arranged one month apart so you have time to implement changes and see the results of each focus. You are free to change the order to suit your interest and conditions.

  1. Whole Health Checkup. Establish baseline conditions and set goals for the year.
  2. Goal assist, AO Scan, Frequency Optimization, Diet and Detox
  3. Goal assist, AO Scan, Frequency Optimization, Glands and Hormones
  4. Goal assist, AO Scan, Frequency Optimization, Muscles, Bones, and Pain Management
  5. Goal assist, AO Scan, Frequency Optimization, Disease Prevention and Anti-Aging
  6. Goal assist, Customized Homeopathic Remedies
  7. Goal assist, Inner Voice Evaluation and Therapy
  8. Goal assist, Computerized Posture Analysis with Custom Exercise Program
  9. Goal assist, Functional Nasal Release
  10. Goal assist, BEMER therapy
  11. Nutritional Analysis and supplement recommendations
  12. Customized homeopathic remedies

All of these visits are available individually with no overall cost difference. However, an overall plan and commitment will far better ensure your success.
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Year of Health - $900.00

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